Treating your symptoms
so you feel better.
We deliver high level physiotherapy, remedial massage and clinical pilates.


Rehabilitation to get you pain free, and in peak condition.
We strive for more than just symptom relief. We help to cure your injury.


A holistic approach providing education, exercises and strategies.
We work with you to prevent future recurrence, keeping you happy, healthy and injury free.

Our Approach

At Pure Physio we take a unique approach to physiotherapy treatment. We have two physiotherapy clinics, right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

We pride ourselves on going beyond the basics. Learn more about the approach our physios take to treat, cure and prevent.

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How to get rid of whiplash for good...get in early! #whiplash #wellbeing #health #purephysio

Rian's top tips for beating those niggling injuries #prevent #injuries #football #purephysio

Treating a whiplash injury can take time, the key is to get in early!

Our locations

Pure Physio
Queen Street, Melbourne

Level 2, 200 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Call (03) 9090 7325
Fax (03) 9639 7432

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Pure Physio
Collins Street, Melbourne

Level 4, 52 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Call (03) 9975 4133
Fax (03) 9639 7432

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