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A proactive and dynamic approach to your care.

We believe that each person and their goals are unique.

You may be passionate about a fitness goal or event, wish for a pain free and productive work life, aim to do more with your family and friends, or simply want to move freely and feel stronger.

Whatever your motivation, our clinicians will guide and inspire you to reach your full potential.

It’s all about you

Your experience with us focuses on reaching the recovery, performance, and quality of life that is important to you.

Our company values of open and honest communication, clinical excellence and team commitment, will help you to achieve a positive outcome.

With Pure Physio, you’ll receive customised insights into how you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible. This means that even if you have the same issue, injury, or fitness level as the person before you, we understand that your lifestyle and daily life factors may differ.

It’s all about you

Expert Rehabilitation Physios

We take a team-oriented approach to your care.

In specialised cases, including those requiring detailed rehabilitation to recover from significant or recurrent injuries, Pure Physio can offer the services of a dedicated rehabilitation physiotherapist in addition to your regular physio. This two physio approach provides more detailed input to help you recover where previous treatment may have failed. The expert rehabilitation physio can address detailed movement retraining, including walking and running patterns, rebuild strength and stability, and refine postures. They will work closely with your regular physio to leave no stone unturned in your recovery or performance enhancement.

Expert Rehabilitation Physios
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Giving you the space to stay motivated

We love a bright, light and inspiring environment.

We combine clinical excellence with industry leading facilities and equipment that are tailored to support you and your needs. Our spacious treatment rooms provide are well equipped for hands on treatment, as well as being a safe space for open and honest conversation.

Our gym spaces are set up for performance analysis and sports specific assessment, with onsite technology to retrain and educate you about your injuries.

Seeing, understanding, and testing your presentation equips you with knowledge that helps guide you toward your goals. We pair this advantage with onsite gyms and change rooms so you can get back to your day with ease.

Giving you the space to stay motivated

Longer sessions for tailored treatment

We believe that our work with you is a partnership: we take the time to invest in every single patient and their journey with us. Longer sessions allow us to truly listen and understand the concerns, frustrations, and motivations behind your goals.

Time allows us to work together, to build a relationship based on trust, flexibility, and collaboration. Time allows us to work through a realistic and achievable plan that means the idea of reaching the finish line becomes possible.

We don’t end our sessions by handing you a sheet of exercises to follow. Instead, we work with you to create a digital exercise program that’s unique to Pure Physio and tailored to your plan—with online access in and outside the clinic.

Longer sessions for tailored treatment
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Two clinics in Melbourne's CBD

We want to help you reach your goals with convenience, minimal stress, and without impacting your weekends. We appreciate anyone working in and around the city has a busy schedule, and we too value our work and life balance.

Our well-located clinics are the perfect option for professionals working regular business hours. With a clinic located at either end of the city, Pure Physio is a 10-minute walk from anywhere in the CBD.

Both of our clinics are close to off-street parking and are easily accessible by train, tram or bus. This means it’s even easier for you to get an appointment that’s convenient as part of your work day, freeing up quality time for family, friends and relaxation.

Two clinics in Melbourne's CBD

Extensive networks for comprehensive care

As established members of the wider healthcare community, we have access to colleagues and collaborators in various medical fields across the country.

With a far-reaching network of specialist opinions to draw upon, including podiatrists, surgeons, radiologists and other experts, we’re perfectly equipped to guide you towards your next physical or lifestyle achievement.

Extensive networks for comprehensive care

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