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Running Assessments in Melbourne's CBD

Running assessment, also known as gait analysis, is a specialised service for athletes looking to improve their technique and capabilities. Assessments help identify both areas of improvement, and the potential for injury. Under the guidance of trained physiotherapists, running assessments can help athletes run faster, for longer.

Running is a simple form of exercise that caters for varying levels of fitness while improving health and wellbeing. However, due to the repetitive nature of the exercise, appropriate technique is necessary for optimum performance. As the same movement is repeated every step, technique inefficiencies and chances of injury are multiplied.

With 2 clinics in Melbourne’s CBD, our trained physiotherapists can help athletes assess their running technique, provide exercise education and allow them to reach their fitness goals.


What is running assessment?

Running assessment is a service provided by experienced physiotherapists as part of a training or treatment plan. It involves the assessment of technique and fitness levels to gauge performance.

Running assessment, also known as gait analysis, allows experts to identify areas that are predisposed to injury, or experiencing pain during exercise. Part of the process is to identify the unique athletic goals of each individual, and provide the specific resources you require to perform at your peak.

Running assessment identifies how an athlete runs, where an individual lacks control of movement, and what they can do to improve their technique and prevent injury. Running assessments are not just for professional athletes – we cater for runners engaged in the sport at any level.

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Why running assessment works.

Running assessment is effective due to its tailored approach that caters to your body and movement. Each runner is different, with variances in cadence, gait and speed.

Running is a complex and dynamic activity that places significant stress on the body. A specific assessment of your biomechanics whilst running can provide invaluable information about the cause of your symptoms, and provide explanations for your pain.

In addition to aiding rehabilitation, running assessment is an opportunity for an expert to analyse your technique and provide recommendations that help your overall strength and pacing.

Breaking down overall movement through specific tests that isolate each muscle allows us to better create a unique program. Through a process of close consultation, we address movement patterns and develop a strength program to get you back on the track sooner. Through gradual changes to technique we can indirectly improve the efficiency of your running.

Based on the findings, your physiotherapist is then able to devise a specific treatment plan with a focus on mobility, flexibility, strength, technique, endurance and advise on appropriate running programs.

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Our approach to running assessment.

Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in running technique assessment, and the impact of running technique on the body. Our approach to running assessment involves detailed video analysis that enables us to provide detailed insights into your running. Video analysis helps us visualise and understand areas of imbalance, poor technique and risk of injury.

From this video, your physiotherapist is able to perform specific isolated tests to further investigate potential areas of weakness, tightness or overload.  A gait analysis is an effective way to sustain an active lifestyle, while treating imbalances and optimising performance. When a running assessment is employed as part of a holistic treatment approach, it can contribute to:

  • Improved understanding of body mechanics and gait.
  • Enhanced rehabilitation response throughout injury.
  • Promoting areas of strength and identifying weakness to tailor improvement.
  • Prevention of future pain in areas predisposed to injury.

Our experts can prepare programs tailored to the requirements of occasional runners, professional athletes and every level in between. We believe that effective running assessments are specific to your fitness goals, and aligned with your individual exercise routine.

What should I expect during my consultation?

Upon consultation, our detailed assessment focuses on both the reasons for your injury and symptoms, as well as specific areas for improvement.

Your running technique can influence your efficiency, speed and endurance, and can also be responsible for a raft of injuries – our use of video analysis helps us show you how you run.

Your running video offers a simple visual explanation in regard to specific areas for improvement and will help you understand the impact of your injury in relation to your running. We can then use the areas of identified weakness to conduct specific testing in isolation, identifying potential muscle tension, weakness or dysfunction in a joint or other soft tissue.

This allows us to create a specific and fine-tuned plan to help improve running technique and minimise the risk of injury.

Our running assessments are often utilised as part of an injury rehabilitation plan, however a running assessment is also a valuable tool to help you enhance performance and remain injury free. Onsite gyms, showers and change rooms ensure that you can head home or straight to work after completing your consultation.

Pure Physio Rehabilitation

Common conditions and running assessment.

Running injuries as a result of overuse, strain or improper technique are all too common. Injuries of this kind require expert analysis and rehabilitation for a speedy recovery and return to running.

Running assessments are an effective treatment for a range of common running injuries and pain points. Assessment is suitable when addressing a wide range of conditions that cause pain or discomfort. Including:

  • Runner’s knee
  • Overuse injuries (ITB, hip pain, buttock pain)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • Repetitive muscular ‘tightness’ (calves and glutes)
  • Joint or ligament strains

At Pure Physio, our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for you, to help you get back to your best, quickly.

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