Running Assessment

Running Assessments in Melbourne's CBD

Our Physiotherapy team employ leading clinical practices to perform thorough running assessments. This includes the causative factors that have led to your injury, symptoms, or issues with your movement.

Running Assessments are performed mostly by our Rehabilitation Physiotherapists.  These assessments are a specialised service for athletes or beginners; you could be looking to resolve an injury or improve your technique and capabilities.  These may be related to a current training plan or specific goal.

Assessments allow us to analyse factors contributing to a current or past injury, fitness levels, as well as identifying areas for improvement in strength and flexibility to reduce the potential for injury. Under the guidance of our specifically trained physiotherapists, running assessments can help you run faster, more efficiently, and for longer.  Ask about our Rehabilitation Physiotherapists who are also certified running coaches to help with programming or goal setting. At Pure Physio, we go the extra mile.

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Our approach to running assessments

Our team is driven to achieve the gold standard of clinical care and guide you towards your personal running goals.  Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, elite athlete, part of a community group, or anything in-between, we’re motivated to help you achieve your fitness objectives.

Running is a simple form of exercise that caters for varying levels of fitness while improving health and wellbeing. However, due to the repetitive nature of the exercise, appropriate technique, strength and mobility are vital.

Our Physiotherapists take 60- to 90- minutes in a thorough assessment to provide feedback, and then get to work on correcting or managing your presentation.  We address your musculoskeletal biomechanics, physiology of injury recovery, running technique factors, and any holistic psychological and social factors that may influence your running or injury history. We believe time for detail, education, and explanation is fundamental.

With advanced video technology and in-practice gyms, we’re fully equipped to focus on analysing—and potentially retraining—performance or technical requirements for your running success.  We also work closely with podiatrists, running specific footwear shops, orthopaedic surgeons and sports doctors.  With two clinics in Melbourne’s CBD, and a team of clinically skilled physiotherapists, we are passionate to get you on the right track.

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Why our running assessments work

Following our detailed assessment, we strive to communicate our musculoskeletal and biomechanical findings through insights you can understand and use.  This forms our recommendations around technique retraining, required improvements in strength or mobility, and programming specific to you and your athletic pursuits. Over time, these activities can ensure appropriate increases in your running volume or speed.

Treatment Plans are common following a running assessment.  In order to achieve your best outcomes we know that components of both Manual Therapy (hands on treatment) and Physical Rehabilitation may be required. As part of our commitment to your holistic improvement, we ensure open communication with running coaches, podiatrists, orthopaedic specialists, or personal trainers is maintained at all times to further facilitate your best outcomes.

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Pure Physio Rehabilitation

Common conditions and running assessment.

As a cohesive and collaborative team, our Physiotherapists draw on an extensive range of specific skill sets to provide you with comprehensive treatment.  Whatever the problem, our team is here to help. We can assist with:

  • Returning to running following surgery on a lower limb
  • Return to running in the wake of an acute injury
  • Overuse injuries incurred from running
  • Beginner’s runner technique assessments
  • Mid-to-elite athlete assessments
  • Goal specific running plans including timeframes and programming
  • Running required as part of other sport training programs
  • Post pregnancy or Women’s Health related conditions in runners
  • Back pain, hip or pelvic pain conditions
  • Shin splints, kneecap mal tracking, ITB injury, plantar fasciitis
  • A component of a rehabilitation or training plan including injury resolution or improved performance

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