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Physiotherapy rehabilitation aims to optimise an individual’s recovery and wellbeing following injury. Rehabilitation helps facilitate your return to both sport and everyday life, including activities around the home, at work and during leisure.

Rehabilitation is focused on your individual goals, and requires specialised programs to aid with functional improvement. As a result, each rehabilitation program is unique for every client, and often requires a variety of adjunct treatments to support recovery.

We have 2 clinics in Melbourne’s CBD, one on Collins Street, the other on Queen Street.

What is rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy-led rehabilitation is an effective treatment for individuals who have been affected by injury or illness. Rehabilitation can be comprised of various treatment modalities, such as physiotherapy, dry needling or remedial massage therapy.

Rehabilitation is a process that can be used for recovery from physical injury, disease and for the management of long-term illnesses that affect mobility and strength (e.g. Parkinsons and MS).

To be most effective, rehabilitation should commence early in the treatment process. Following diagnosis of injury or illness, an individual should receive tailored care and support. Rehabilitation programs that utilise a range of adjunct therapies often better optimise patient recovery.



Our approach to rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is an efficient way to optimise the speed of your recovery, without compromising on safety and strength. When completed under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, rehabilitation can contribute to:

  • Optimised recovery from injury.
  • Improved musculoskeletal wellbeing.
  • Reduced risk of re-injury.
  • Greater mobility and flexibility in area of injury.
  • Management and prevention of ongoing pain and tension.

At Pure Physio, our holistic approach to patient care sees rehabilitation physiotherapists working closely with our manual physiotherapists to get the best outcome for you, in the shortest possible time. After assessment and consultation, our rehabilitation experts formulate a recovery plan that incorporates the therapies you require to get back to your best.

What should I expect during my consultation?

Our rehabilitation physiotherapists use a range of exercise techniques and facilitation to assist your recovery and to prevent future injury recurrence. While the exact nature of your consultation depends on your individual circumstance or injury, our team is able to tailor a program to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Our rehabilitation facilities provide the ability for high level retraining. These include a treadmill for running assessments and running-specific rehabilitation, a wind trainer for specific bike assessment and retraining, Pilates reformers and trapeze tables to teach core activation and associated training, and a functional weights trainer for higher load.

We utilise iPads across the board for detailed video analysis of movements and activities. We also cater for targeted exercise with additional resistance and mobility equipment.

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Why rehabilitation works.

Following injury or illness, there is often residual stress and tension beyond the medical recovery. While an injury might be ‘healed’, there are usually other soft tissues and structures that have been damaged or affected in the process. The initial healing process of many injuries may result in joint stiffness or muscle weakness due to the body’s need to rest and remain immobile.

Our expert physiotherapists are trained to rehabilitate patients using stability and muscle activation techniques, to building in the strength, endurance and mobility requirements that are unique to each patient and their presentation. We assist with full recovery from back pain, sprains and strains, and issues that can arise following an accident or surgery.

Each tailored rehabilitation program considers your individual pathology, biomechanics, symptoms and lifestyle. Our programs provide stages of treatment, so each person can track their improvement and progress. Our experts are able to identify areas of weakness, and hone in to optimise your overall wellbeing



Common conditions and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is an effective process for the treatment of injury, imbalances or mobility challenges. As a service, it is an effective way to assess the best use of supplementary treatments. A tailored rehabilitation program can assist with the following:

  • Recovery pre- and post-surgery
  • Sports injuries and pain management
  • Home or gym based exercise programs
  • Long-term management of chronic disease or illness
  • Spinal rehabilitation

At Pure Physio, rehabilitation is undertaken in conjunction with a range of other hands-on treatment techniques to better facilitate your recovery. Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for you, to help you get back to your best, quickly.

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