Rehabilitation is the restoration of normal movement, strength, stability and balance—enabling you to do what you want to do.  

Our CBD-based physiotherapy clinics have gym spaces that are specifically fitted out for every stage of the rehabilitation process—from early stage retraining, to high level strength and conditioning. We build treatment plans specific to you, your presentation, recovery, and goals.

We remain committed in our mission to work closely with you, and our goal is to help you achieve yours. Our team works together to incorporate complementary modalities such as hands on treatment, dry needling, remedial massage and podiatry to optimise your outcomes. As part of our program, we also incorporate Clinical pilates where appropriate.


What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation addresses the following:

  • Restoring your normal movement.
  • Correcting imbalances in your muscular system.
  • Teaching correct technique and retraining the brain to recruit the correct muscles at the right time.
  • Building strategies into your lifestyle to maintain your best posture and movement.
  • Building enough stability around your joints to help recover from injury, to prevent new injuries or to aid high performance.
  • Building enough strength through your joints and limbs for your lifestyle activities, workplace or sporting demands.
  • Building enough flexibility to move as you were designed to move.


Our approach to rehabilitation.

Our high standards of clinical excellence and scientific evidence forms our strong ethos around movement-based rehabilitation.  Our team are highly skilled in assessing biomechanics, physiology, and psychosocial factors.

We will guide you through a carefully prescribed program that is achievable, flexible, progressive and meets your specific needs. We ensure the details of your injury, goals, and what is important to you are factored into your rehabilitation journey. We focus on education, open communication, and collaboration when working with all our patients as a team.

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Why rehabilitation works.

Effective rehabilitation requires us to identify your movement imbalances or strength deficits, and how this relates to your goals. This is where our team values of commitment, clinical excellence, and open communication become invaluable.

Our assessment is individually tailored to you. Education, video analysis, and movement testing in the context of your specific injury or symptoms will guide you through the road to recovery.



Do I need rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is all encompassing when it comes to your presentation.  It stretches from resolving work related aches and pains to get you through a full workday without spinal pain or headaches, right through to helping get you to that marathon, cycling event, weightlifting goal, or sporting event.

Goals can range from something as seemingly simple as carrying your children or wearing high heels, through to physical challenges, travelling, or reaching a fitness milestone.

Longer term prevention of recurrence, general injury prevention, and performance enhancement can all be addressed through our rehabilitation approach. Our success lies in understanding what you want to achieve and working closely with you to achieve it.


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