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Shoulder pain can be debilitating. But did you know, it’s one of the most common ailments presented in our clinic. We rely on our shoulders and arms for most daily activities. You may even find it hard to hang up laundry, take off a jumper or pick up the kettle.

There are a range of factors that can cause shoulder pain and the intensity and nature of your symptoms can vary. This can vary from minor stiffness or serious symptoms that impact your day-to-day life.

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Causes of shoulder injury

Shoulder injuries are often classified into two groups; ‘traumatic’ and ‘a-traumatic’ shoulder injuries. Traumatic shoulder injuries are sudden onset injuries and involve a mechanism, such as a fall, or tackle during sport, or a bike, car or skiing accident. A-traumatic shoulder injuries may relate to pore posture during work or a gradual overload of the shoulder due to repetitive movements. These injuries build up over time and it can be more difficult to identify the cause due to the often gradual deterioration of function and subsequent increase in symptoms.

At Pure Physio we can assess and treat both classifications of shoulder injuries.



Common symptoms of shoulder injury

As part of a shoulder injury, you may experience:

  • Pain in or around your shoulder joint, your back or the front of your shoulder. This pain may extend to the upper arm.
  • Reduced movement or mobility. You may find it painful to move your shoulder.
  • Weakness of your shoulder and upper arm. You may experience a sensation of the joint slipping out and back into the joint socket. Sometimes, your shoulder can become completely dislocated.
  • Pins and needles, a tingling sensation. Some people experience burning pain.
  • Any kind of audible ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ sound in your shoulder joint.


Our approach to shoulder treatment

Pure Physio is committed to providing patients, like you, with ongoing support throughout the treatment and recovery process. Our team recognise the very highest standards of physical rehabilitation. We can provide you with exercises and techniques to rebuild physical strength and return to your day-to-day activities.

First and foremost, our Physiotherapists will complete a thorough assessment. This allows us to determine the cause. From there, we will devise a treatment plan tailored towards achieving your recovery goals.

Individualised treatment plans typically include manual, hands-on treatment. You will also receive step-by-step guided exercises to help reduce your pain, regain movement, and rebuild strength in your shoulder. Our team is here to support you in your recovery from shoulder injury.


Shoulder conditions we treat

Our team of physiotherapists have an extensive range of skill-sets. Whatever your problem, we are here to help and can assist with:

  • Shoulder tendinopathy.
  • Bursitis, impingement, and capsulitis.
  • Rotator cuff muscle tears or pathology.
  • Post-pregnancy related shoulder pain.
  • Sports injuries – throwing or racquet sports, swimming, rowing, cycling.
  • Post-operative shoulder rehabilitation.
  • Fractures of the clavicle, humerus, and scapula.
  • Shoulder instability, dislocation or subluxation.
  • Frozen shoulder.
  • Referred pain from the neck.


When should I see a physiotherapist?

The earlier we can diagnose your condition and begin treatment, the sooner you can return to your normal healthy self. If left untreated, your symptoms may progress, causing further lifestyle restrictions and a longer recovery period. Speak with our experienced team if any of these symptoms sound familiar to the pain you are experiencing.

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