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Physiotherapy Clinic in the Melbourne CBD

Collaborative, supportive and understanding.

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Team commitment

We are invested in your wellbeing and are passionate about supporting your personal journey towards both fitness and lifestyle goals.

Clinical excellence

Our clinical team's extensive knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy delivers improved understanding of your unique diagnosis.

Open communication

Our communication style is built on trust, support and shared knowledge. We listen, reflect and revaluate as you complete your recovery.

Discover our range of services

  • Physiotherapy


    Techniques including mobilisation, manipulation and soft-tissue massage for injury recovery and prevention.

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  • Podiatry


    Female fitting a pair of orthotics

    Pride Podiatry partners with Pure Physio to get you back on your feet.

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  • Massage


    Remedial massage is focused on regaining normal muscle and soft tissue flexibility to assist recovery from or to help prevent injury.

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Why Choose Pure Physio?

We believe that each person and their goals are unique.

You may be passionate about a fitness goal or event, wish for a pain-free and productive work life, aim to do more with your family and friends, or simply want to move freely and feel stronger.

Whatever your motivation, our clinicians will guide and inspire you to reach your full potential.

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Most of us are familiar with treatment for musculoskeletal injuries with a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor or massage...

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Neck Pain and Cycling

Cycling completely changes the weight distributed through your muscles and spine, but also bends the back and neck into an...

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Referred Pain, What Is It?

Most people scratch their head when we talk about referred pain and ask “what is that?” Referred pain is the phenomena where...

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