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Treating your symptoms
so you feel better.
We deliver high level physiotherapy, remedial massage and clinical pilates in Melbourne's CBD.


Rehabilitation to get you pain free, and in peak condition.
We strive for more than just symptom relief. We help to cure your injury.


A holistic approach providing education, exercises and strategies.
We work with you to prevent future recurrence, keeping you happy, healthy and injury free.

Why Choose Pure Physio?

At Pure Physio we take a unique approach to physiotherapy treatment.

We have two physiotherapy clinics, right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, one on Collins Street, and the other on Queen Street. But it’s not just our location that’s awesome.

We pride ourselves on going beyond the basics. Learn more about the approach our physios take to ensure a better result for you.

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Our locations

Pure Physio
Queen Street, Melbourne

Level 2, 200 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Call +61 3 9090 7325
Fax +61 3 9639 7432

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Pure Physio
Collins Street, Melbourne

Level 4, 52 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Call +61 3 9975 4133
Fax +61 3 9639 7432

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Pure news

February CPD – Running

February CPD was focused on running. We had the opportunity to run in different shoes, experiment with different running cues and tried running at different cadences (step rates) to give us a better understanding of what our patients experience.

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Plans to reduce injury risk for Female AFL players

The AFLW buzz is back again! After the season opener matches, we have been kept up to date at the Australian Physiotherapy Associations yearly breakfast about how we are going to tackle the big problem of injury, particularly knee injuries to the ACL.

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Working in partnership with our patients – achieving an effective outcome

As Clinicians, we engage in professional development on specific skills. Our courses are often focused on injury presentations, making an accurate diagnosis, comprehension of different types of tissues in the body, our reasoning as to how or why an injury has occurred, and our skill in devising an appropriate rehabilitation program. This is done for the key purpose of helping patients to recover from injury and achieve their desired outcomes of sporting, lifestyle, or other goals and aspirations.

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The Pure Method

You may have noticed that here at Pure we do things slightly differently. If you see us for treatment, you will typically have two physios looking after you (you lucky thing!) – a manual physio and a rehab physio. Most injuries, be they gradual or sudden, result in varying levels of pain and/or stiffness and require some form of hands-on (manual) treatment plus retraining altered movement patterns and strength work (rehab).  

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