Cycling Assessment

Cycling Assessments in Melbourne's CBD

Cycling assessment is a biomechanical analysis of cycling technique and performance. With 2 clinics in Melbourne’s CBD, assessments are performed by trained physiotherapists, and are designed to identify abnormalities that may contribute to current or future injuries. This evaluation allows cyclists to enhance performance, while improving overall posture and well-being.


What is cycling assessment?

Cycling assessment is a service provided by trained physiotherapists as part of a cycling or rehabilitation plan. Trained physiotherapists can help cyclists evaluate their performance and provide expert advice on technique. Each cyclist has unique biomechanics that require clinical assessment.

Cycling is a form of exercise that requires repetitive movements from the body. Many people embrace cycling as a simple way to stay fit. However, improper technique can result in repeated and accumulative inefficiencies. As each motion is repeated, poor technique can severely impact performance, and can cause injury to the cyclist.

Cycling assessments help prevent injury and can be undertaken by cyclists at any level, regardless of their fitness or experience. Part of the process is to identify the unique athletic goals of each individual, and provide the specific resources required to perform at their peak.

We have 2 clinics in Melbourne’s CBD to choose from, one on Collins Street, the other on Queen Street.



Why cycling assessment works.

Cycling assessment is effective due to its focus on the individual’s injury and fitness goals. Our tailored approach includes specific localised testing of particular joints and muscles both on, and off, your bike.

This provides further detailed information about possible limitations that are impacting on your cycling, or contributing to injury. We use cycling assessments as part of an existing treatment plan in the case of cycling specific injuries or goals.

In addition to aiding rehabilitation, cycling assessment is an opportunity for an expert to analyse your technique and provide recommendations that help your overall strength and rhythm.

Based on clinical assessment, video analysis and considering your bike set up, our physiotherapists will be able to create a unique plan that focuses on stability, endurance and technique for cyclists at any level.

Our approach to cycling assessment.

Our trained physiotherapists conduct an assessment of your posture whilst cycling. This can provide valuable information about the cause of your symptoms, and provide explanations for pain and tension.

Specific one hour assessments assist our physiotherapists in helping you improve performance and avoid pain or injury. We use your own bike, and a wind trainer to observe your set up and posture on the bike.

In addition, we use iPad video analysis recorded from the front, back and side, to check your body positioning and control while peddling.

When cycling assessment is employed as part of a targeted treatment approach, it can contribute to:

  • Help overcome improper technique that can affect training and performance.
  • Promoting areas of strength and identifying weakness to tailor improvement.
  • Prevention of future pain in areas predisposed to injury.
  • Enhanced rehabilitation response throughout injury.

Following your assessment, a treatment plan can then be devised to help improve posture, strength and efficiency in the cycling saddle.

What should I expect during my consultation?

During your consultation, our trained physiotherapists will focus on the cause of your injury, as well as any presenting symptoms. Your cycling technique can influence the efficiency of your performance and your predisposition to injury.

We evaluate your technique in addition to your bike fit. Your bike fit is an important factor contributing to your goals and general outcome. Our use of video analysis and a wind trainer helps us simulate your riding posture, and provide a visual explanation of your injury and technique.

Using the areas of identified weakness, we can then conduct further testing to isolate muscle tension or dysfunctions in a joint or other soft tissue. This helps create a fine-tuned plan to help improve your cycling technique.

Our cycling assessments are often utilised as part of an injury rehabilitation plan, however they can be undertaken as a way to enhance performance and prevent future injury. Onsite physiotherapy gyms, showers and change rooms ensure that you can head home or straight to work after completing your consultation.

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Common conditions and cycling assessment.

Injury prevalence can be surprisingly high among cyclists. The predominant issues we see in clinic are either general overuse injuries or trauma caused from falling off the bike.

Common injuries can be prevented or more effectively managed with a correct bike setup and cycling assessment. A cycling assessment is suitable when addressing a wide range of conditions that cause pain or discomfort. including:

  • Patellofemoral joint pain syndrome
  • ITB compression syndrome
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Sprained wrists
  • Fractures of the forearm and hand

At Pure Physio, our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for you, to help you get back to your best, quickly.

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