Ergonomic Assessments in Melbourne

Ergonomics is often equated with the design and efficiency of your workstation. We consider your work environment and the position your body is in when performing tasks that may cause injury or strain. Effective ergonomics in the workplace can help prevent pain, guard against overuse injuries and alleviate muscle tension.


What is ergonomics?

As a service, ergonomics involves specific assessment and solutions for you within your unique workstation. Assessment of your desk setup and workplace layout allows a physiotherapist to provide recommendations that can help prevent ongoing strain or injury.

Movements that contribute to poor ergonomics may include prolonged keyboard or mouse use, as well as postural strain due to ongoing desk work.

The set-up of your work station plays an important role in facilitating correct posture. We view posture as a means of describing the correct balance of all muscles to ensure your joints function in their ideal posture. This can be difficult to sustain for prolonged periods of time as it requires a great deal of muscle endurance, body awareness and a correct work station setup.



Why ergonomic assessment works.

Our experts provide recommendations and advice on how to optimise your movements, posture and environment to align with ergonomic principles.

Ergonomic assessment identifies areas of risk or injury as a result of a poor workplace environment. Monitor height, chair height, footstool use, keyboard type and mouse position are important considerations to ensure the correct muscles are working for you while you work, in the optimum capacity.

By identifying key areas for improvement, you can safely return to work post-injury and perform at your best. Awkward or uncomfortable posture can place undue force on joints, overloading the muscles and tendons within. Physiotherapists use repetitive exercises that utilise different parts of the body to correct posture through ergonomics. Symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort and pain can be alleviated.

Each person’s body and system of movement is unique. Accurate assessment and tailored ergonomic advice is a beneficial element of your personal training or rehabilitation program.

Our approach to ergonomic assessment.

At Pure Physio, ergonomic assessments are commonly used to facilitate a rehabilitation plan to address injury or prevent pain. It is also applied as a treatment modality to better facilitate recovery and allows us to proactively design a work environment that promotes overall wellbeing for the future.

Ergonomic assessment can be used as a support service for various injuries and treatment programs. An efficient ergonomic workstation is tailored to your unique needs and areas of injury or strain. When assessed accurately, an ergonomic environment can:

  • Prevent injuries as a result of overuse and strain.
  • Improve musculoskeletal health and wellbeing.
  • Reduce fatigue in areas predisposed to pain or injury.
  • Enhance education and awareness in the workplace.
  • Improve posture and core trunk stability.

After consultation, our experts determine whether an ergonomic assessment is a beneficial adjunct to your individual treatment plan.

What should I expect during my consultation?

We place a great deal of value on correct work station ergonomics. We believe that abnormal posture and poor work station setup contributes to injury or pain in a significant proportion of desk-based workers. Our physiotherapists are based in two convenient locations throughout the CBD, and offer significant experience in office ergonomics and treating work related postural presentations.

A thorough ergonomic work station assessment, alterations and recommendations relating to your work station, and posture, can help alleviate pain or symptoms in several conditions, and may assist in long term injury prevention We offer short assessments with a brief summary of our findings and suggestions, right through to a detailed assessment with very specific recommendations, images, and a full report of required alterations.

This can be conducted as an independent assessment, or in many cases is done as an adjunct to your physiotherapy treatment.

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Common conditions and ergonomics.

Ergonomic assessment is a useful adjunct to ongoing therapy or to promote overall wellbeing. Our consultations offer advice and exercises for those partaking in everyday movements and activities that can cause discomfort.

As a service, ergonomics works effectively for those returning to work from injury – and want to ensure a full, safe recovery. It also works well for those experiencing other forms of discomfort, and can help alleviate ongoing pain in cases of:

  • Back and neck pain.
  • Hip and buttock pain.
  • Muscular tightness, stress or tension.
  • Overuse injuries in the forearms, wrists or arms.
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica

At Pure Physio, ergonomic assessment is used in conjunction with a range of other hands-on treatment techniques and posture specific rehabilitation to better facilitate your recovery. Our experts work through the presentation of your injury, activity level and workstation design to ensure a balanced approach to your personal and professional health.

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