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    Boston Marathon 2018

    A BQ is a marathon runners Holy Grail. I ran my first marathon in London in 2008. It was an amazing experience to be part of such an iconic event and to see what my body was capable of. Training introduced me to the world of marathon running, it’s history, and the sought after BQ.

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    RockTape: Professional Development April 2018

    You have probably seen more and more athletes working out or performing while wearing athletic tape in various patterns all over their bodies. Known as kinesis taping, it is different to athletic taping of the past. Kinesiology taping first began as a way to promote healing from injury, but has since evolved to become a performance enhancing technique.

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    Sitting vs Slouching

    We all know that posture is important, but often sitting up 'straight’ feels like hard work. Unfortunately, the reality is that sitting upright might actually be causing or contributing to your neck or back pain!

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    Chain Reaction VIC 2018 – THAT’S A WRAP!

    From all of us here at Pure Physio, we would like to say a huge and heartfelt congratulations to all involved in this year’s CRVIC 1000km ride! Both the cycling achievements and the incredible sum raised in the process was outstanding. It’s all over for another year, but what a great week it was!

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    Very Special Kids – Chain Reaction

    Fitness related charity events are becoming increasingly popular, but they’re nothing new. Remember the old school step-a-thon and 'Jump Rope for Heart?' Before the days of online fundraising, you’d visit neighbours and ask your parents’ friends to sponsor you per steps walked or time spent jumping. Whilst that all happens online now, the premise is still the same.

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