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F45: Resistance and Cardio Training

Published on
15 Jun 2018

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F45 workouts are quickly gaining popularity and the workout trend has truly taken off! But what does a typical session involve?

Generally during a week, F45 breaks down their sessions to have a slightly different focus so that every training day is not the same. Monday’s and Wednesday’s are cardio/high intensity based days, Tuesdays and Thursday’s are resistance training with Friday and Saturday being a combination of both. This means that you’re working on both your cardio-respiratory fitness and your muscle strength, as both are equally important.

F45 Gyms and HIIT training have become very popular with the general public and our patients so we thought we should get to know more about it and test it out for ourselves! This has helped us work with F45 gym goers as we better understand the type of exercise involved and how to teach patients to modify exercises and design targeted rehab programs to help people return to full training post injury.


The trainers at F45 are there to motivate you and help guide your technique. Technique is super important in preventing injury so don’t be afraid to ask the F45 trainers if your doing the exercises correctly if something doesn’t feel quite right!

If you have been curious about F45 like we have here is a sneak peak of some common workout exercises that take place in an F45 studio.

A typical workout includes:



Lunge with Medicine Ball:


Sand Bag Clean and Press:



Bicep Curls on Rip60 (TRX):


Tricep Extensions on Rip60 (TRX):


Rip60 Row:


Renegade Rows with Dumbbells:


Ketlle Bell Squat + Row:


Core work variations on Rip60 (TRX):


Chest Flys:


Bench Press:


Bosu Alternating Push Up:


Bosu Ball Sit Variations:


Ladder Plank Walking:


Toe Tap Medicine Ball Sit Ups:


Try it out for yourself and let us know how you go! For our Melbourne city based clients who are interested in a trial, check out the local F45 at ChinaTown or Elizabeth St.

We’re here to help.

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