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3 Tips to Fit Exercise in Your Life: by Lino Caruso

Published on
05 Sep 2017

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We are proud to share todays guest article written by Lino Caruso from Step into Life Carlton. Lino is a reputable personal trainer in Melbourne and is experienced in motivating the masses to get up and get moving! Check out Lino's top tips on finding the time to stay active with a busy lifestyle!

by Lino Caruso

Let’s face it, in life we can be busy and at other times we are crazy busy! Sometimes with the demands of work, family, relationships etc. the things that we like to do and should do can take a back seat. You may have the best intentions to do some exercise but something always seems to get in the way and while you may postpone it with the best intentions to get out later you miss it all together.

It happens to all of us, so here are 3 suggestions that will hopefully get rid of the interferences or at least reduce the chances of them happening.

Top 3 tips!

1) Train with a buddy or join a group

Most of us will let ourselves down before we let someone else down, so plan to meet a friend to help keep you motivated and reduce the chances or you not going for a run. Join a training group where a trainer is expecting you to turn up and train.

2) Get some buy in

Talk to those around you; tell your family members the days and times that you are going to exercise. Block out your training time on your diary at work so work collogues can’t book a meeting for you when you’re planning to exercise.

3) Involve your family

Get yourself a running pram and run/walk with your baby while pushing the pram. If you have older children get them to ride their bike alongside you while you are running. If your partner isn’t a much of a exerciser get them to take the kids and meet you after your training session. If they like to exercise alternate training days, one day you exercise and they look after the kids the next they train and you look after the kids. Hire a treadmill/bike/rower or get yourself a few dumbbells and use them at home if you can’t leave the kids.

No time away from the kids? Use them as a weight – If you are doing resistance training use your young kids as a weight, You can do squats, lunges, presses, sit-ups, pushups, planks and even pulsing hip bridges all while holding onto your baby or placing them on the floor under or next to you.

Need a little more motivation?

Contact Lino today and join his group fitness classes in the beautiful Princes Park, Carlton North. Don’t waste your spring sitting around indoors, check out the class timetable HERE and get moving!

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