Keeping you safe

Pure Physio's response to COVID-19

Procedural changes

Our already high standards of cleanliness and hygiene have been increased to minimise transmission risk. This includes the following procedural improvements:

  1. All staff are wearing face masks. In line with Government policy patients will now be required to wear face masks when practical.
  2. Hand washing between every patient contact remains our policy. Hand sanitiser is now used in addition to hand washing.
  3. All staff and clients are temperature checked on arrival. Anyone testing above 37.8 degrees will be requested to leave the clinic.
  4. Treatment couch covers have been removed and couches will be disinfected between each patient.
  5. Disposable, single use face sheets continue to be used.
  6. Door handles, bench surfaces and arm rests are wiped and disinfected every hour.
  7. Exercise equipment is wiped and disinfected after every patient contact.



Pure Physio has embraced technology and is also offering the following additional services to assist clients during COVID-19 restrictions:

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