Clinical Pilates & Exercise Classes

Rehabilitation Classes in Melbourne's CBD

Our Physiotherapy team employ leading clinical practices within our exercise classes, with a focus on rehabilitation programs, exercise and functional training, pilates, and strength and conditioning.

All sessions are conducted with our Physiotherapists at our two locations in Melbourne’s CBD. Our in-practice gyms offer clinical pilates equipment, gym strength and conditioning equipment and the equipment you need for more functional, whole body training and yoga-based exercise. Clinical Pilates & Exercise Classes can assist with rehabilitating an injury, improving core stability and soft tissue flexibility, gaining muscle strength and endurance, and promotion of correct movement patterns based on your individual requirements.

These classes are either an added service to assist you as you engage in driving part of your own rehabilitation program, or for people focusing on prevention and conditioning in line with a personal goal.


Our Approach to Clinical Pilates and Exercise Classes

One-on-one assessments are performed prior to your first class to allow us to analyse factors contributing to a current or past injury, assess your fitness levels, and identify areas for improvement in strength and flexibility.

A 60-minute initial assessment ensures we can fully understand your injury as well as your goals and desired outcomes. We are passionate and motivated to work as a team to develop a detailed understanding of your situation, and to address the holistic factors that may help you reach your ideal goals and outcomes.  Your program is created under the guidance of our highly qualified physiotherapists. Once you have your program, we can plan a series of one-on-one follow up sessions to suit your schedule and keep your rehabilitation on track.

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Why our Clinical Pilates & Exercise Classes Work

Pure Physio is driven to achieve the gold standard of clinical care and help you reach your goals.  Regardless of whether you’re recovering from surgery or an injury, an elite athlete, part of a community team, or anything in-between, we can help you achieve your physical and fitness objectives.

We value the highest standards of physical rehabilitation.  Intensive rehabilitation or strength and conditioning training may be required at certain points in your recovery journey. Alternatively, you may wish to have a regular exercise routine under the supervision of a highly qualified musculoskeletal expert.  Our classes are carefully designed to:

  • Provide a gym environment where all rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, or pilates based stability work can be carried out without having to sign up to a long term gym program.
  • Provide structured programs to help you progress as efficiently as possible
  • Provide monitoring and feedback from our Rehabilitation Physiotherapists to correctly train your technique and movement patterns
  • Provide feedback within the clinical team to make sure you are being cared for to the highest level during your rehabilitation journey
  • Allow pre- and post-operative rehabilitation to be performed at an appropriate, clinically proven level
  • Fit your rehabilitation around your normal work and life commitments
  • Provide updates and feedback to specialists, doctors, sporting coaches and personal trainers about your progress
  • Provide advice on the activities you could, or should, be doing outside of our clinics
  • Reduce costs of rehabilitation related to post operative or long term complex presentations or injuries.
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Conditions we treat with our Clinical Pilates & Exercise Classes sessions

  • Muscular strains
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Joint dislocations
  • Acute traumatic injury
  • Fractures
  • Pre or post surgical presentations
  • Tendon tears or injury (tendinopathy)
  • Throwing or racquet sport injuries
  • Overuse injuries
  • Spinal, hip, pelvic instability
  • Shoulder instability
  • Neck related sports injury
  • Sports related disc injury

What to wear for Clinical Pilates & Exercise Classes

When attending a Clinical Pilates & Exercise Classes, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing that is neither too tight or baggy. Your clothing should not restrict your movement. You should also bring a pair of socks, training shoes and a towel with you to your session. Hydration before and after the session will contribute to the process, and bringing a drink bottle to sip on throughout helps you stay hydrated.

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