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Exercising during physical isolation Part 2

Published on
09 Apr 2020

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Hopefully everyone is settling into the new normal way of life and you have developed a routine for work, shopping for essentials, virtual socialising and exercise.  I have had a lot of messages from people who have tried the single leg sit to stand exercise from the video we posted with the blog last week and also enquiring about my toilet paper source.  How is your exercise challenge going? How many single leg sit to stand repetitions can you do with correct technique?

It has been another busy week at Pure Physio, both in the clinic, via Zoom and with home visits. Getting to see clients in their home environment and assisting them to improve their desk setup has been really interesting.  Some people have been very creative with homemade standing desks!

Home gym’s are the new must have.  It seems that all around Melbourne, garages, spare bedrooms, lounge rooms and hallways are being converted into home gym spaces.  Those extra cans of tomatoes are being put to good use and a 4kg can of olive oil is a great substitute if you cannot get your hands on a kettlebell.

Use what you have at home to vary your exercise routine.  Stairs, or even a single step can be used for step ups, squat variations, calf raises, lateral lunges, a cardio workout (welcome back to step aerobics) and a variety of other exercises.  Sturdy chairs can double as a bench, solid doorframes for stretches and a great anchor point for resistance bands.

Online there are now thousands of providers offering virtual exercise classes.  You can keep up with all your usual gym classes or it could be time to try something new to keep you motivated.  Just remember to start any new exercise at the beginner level and gradually progress, to give your body time to adapt.

Make sure you take advantage of the permitted once daily outside of the home exercise in your local area.  Going for a walk, cycle or run close to home is a great way to get some fresh air, clear your head and spend some quality time with Mother Nature.  Just remember the 1.5 meter rule.

Pure Physio is still open for in clinic appointments as well as telehealth appointments via Zoom and home visits. Please get in touch if you would like your home desk setup assessed, your gym program converted to a home based exercise program or if you are noticing aches and pains.  Remember, physical isolation does not need to cause physical deconditioning. Staying healthy, fit and active is more important than ever.

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