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Snow Season 2022 Blog 1 – Pre-Season Workout

Published on
13 May 2022

Written by
Andrew Brady
Senior Physiotherapist

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With the snow season being around the corner, I can’t wait to hit the slopes! Opening dates are expected to be just under 6 weeks away and if you haven’t started your “pre-season” then it is time to begin. As a qualified snowboard instructor I have put together a generalised workout for all snow sports, and then some more specific snowboarding movements.

While for beginners, both snowboarding and skiing strength workouts are similar, as you begin to progress in abilities then the workouts start to look very different.

As with any activity, expect to get DOMS [delayed onset muscle soreness] from your first workouts if you have been inactive, and nothing can prevent those aches from the first days back on snow. The best exercise for any snow sports is being on hill, but without having a snow covered mountain in the backyard this is the next best option.

All “pre snow” workouts should have some leg strength movements, some core strength and some work on triceps to help push up from the ground after those falls. If you plan on skiing/snowboarding all day then you will also need to work on some endurance.

Example beginner workout 1

Warm up

  • 5-10min treadmill / bike / ergo / cross trainer

Strength   [rest for at least 90-120sec between each set]

  • Squat  3 sets x 10 reps [if you have previous experience with weights then can do back squat or goblet squat]

  • Lunge  3 sets x 8 reps each leg

  • Step up  3 sets x 10 reps each leg

  • Shoulder bridge 3sets x 10 reps
  • Tricep dips from bench/chair 3 sets x 8 reps



  • 45sec jumping jacks, then 30sec squat hold

3 rounds, 60-90sec rest



Circuit with the following – repeat 3x:

  • 30s mountain climbers

  • 30s prone back extension [Supermans]

  • 30s supine leg cycles

  • 20s side plank [each side]

Foam roll

Spend 1-2min rolling the leg muscles you have just worked out

Next week we will bring you some slightly more advanced exercises to get you ready for the 2022 ski season

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Andrew Brady — Senior Physiotherapist

Andrew grew up playing tennis and soccer and developed a love for all sports, which led him to a career in Physiotherapy. Twelve years on he has a wealth of experience and has honed his craft with a strong focus on restoring normal movement as a long term solution for pain.

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