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The Benefits Of Physiotherapy In Pregnancy

Published on
20 Mar 2014

The Benefits of Physiotherapy in Pregnancy

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In the family way? Our own Laura Hanson shares her thoughts on pain relief during pregnancy:

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. These changes can sometimes cause pain, which many get told, “is a normal part of pregnancy”.

As early as 12 weeks, relaxin (the hormone that relaxes ligaments) is at its peak. This may contribute to pain around the pelvis and lower back as the muscles work harder to support the joints and weight of the growing baby. The stomach muscles stretch around the baby, the upper back becomes stiff as the ribs expand, and extra weight at the front of the body puts strain on the neck, upper and lower back.

There are, however, many safe pain relief options during pregnancy to make your pregnancy much more comfortable.

Remedial massage is a great way to soothe tight and aching muscles. Lying on your side supported by pillows allows you to relax as the massage therapist works into those knotted muscles.

Physiotherapy can loosen off tight joints and muscles, and provide support garments. You may need postural strength exercises, which your physiotherapist can teach you or you can join a Clinical Pilates class and follow a programme specific to you.

We want you to enjoy your pregnancy. There is no need to suffer for 9 months!

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