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Yoga for work from home

Published on
22 May 2020

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Covid-19 has forced a transition to ‘work from home’. For many employees this has resulted in prolonged computer use with a compromised desk set-up.

Workstation setup and posture is important, and so is activity.  Many people are increasing their daily walking which is fantastic to see. In addition, here is a quick series of yoga poses that you can add into your day to help balance your body. Note: none of these poses should produce any pain – if they do or if you have any current or past injuries that make you concerned, please give us a call so that we can better address your needs.


Low Lunge

You should feel stretching at the front of your hip. Ensure you tuck pelvis under before you lunge to effectively target the hip flexor muscles. 

Hold for 60 secs each side.

Good for those who sit for long periods.

Watch out for over extending through the low back (keep pelvis tucked under) and/or any knee pain.


Seated Side Bend

You should feel stretching from your hip up the side of your trunk to your shoulder. Ensure you keep your pelvis in contact with the floor. 

Hold for 60 secs each side.

Good for those who sit slumped to the side causing tight side muscles.

Watch out for any pain in the spine/shoulders.


Child’s Pose + Variation

You should feel stretching across your low back and inner thighs (adductors). Ensure you keep pelvis touching heels (don’t let your bottom lift up). To target the muscles along the sides of your trunk, take your arms to one side. 

Hold for 60 secs each side. 

Good for those who perch at the front of their chairs or sit with legs crossed.

Watch out for pain in the low back or hips.


Prone shoulder stretch

You should feel stretching at the front of your shoulder that’s in contact with the floor.  Support with the opposite hand and leg to gently ease into the stretch. Adjust the position of the arm that you’re stretching (slide up or down the mat) to find the sweet spot of the stretch. 

Hold for 30-60 secs each side.

Good for those who sit with their shoulders rounded forwards.

Watch out for any pain in the shoulder or spine. Relax upper shoulder and neck muscles.



Sphinx/Cobra Pose

Progress from bent elbows to straight elbows as you feel comfortable. You can use forearm support for a mid position. Draw shoulders back to open up the front of the shoulders/chest. 

Hold for 30-60 secs or alternatively, repeatedly move between lying on your stomach and pushing up 10-15 times. 

Good for balancing out time spent with flexed (slumped) spine (sitting).

Watch out for any pain in the spine or shoulders. Engage deep abdominal muscles by imagining ‘drawing your belly button inwards’ to ensure that you don’t push past a comfortable range of motion for your low back.

Pure Physio has ergonomic and movement experts who can help you make the most out of your new office. We are providing home visits or video consultations to assist you with getting your setup and your posture comfortable. Our clinics also remain open for those wanting to visit for assessment and treatment.

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