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Post Run Melbourne Blues

Published on
28 Jul 2015

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Sunday’s Run Melbourne saw thousands of excited, buzzing runners tying up their laces as they hit the streets to participate in the much loved event. Whether it was the 3km pyjama event or the half marathon on the agenda, the biting cold didn’t stop many and the Pure Physio team were there to provide some much needed assistance after the run.

A massage after an event like this; even 5 minutes spent on the calves can make all the difference the next morning – and many walked out of the tent with muscles that would thank them later!

The Run Melbourne’s 5km, 10km or half marathon event are a great way for avid runners to train for events such as the upcoming Melbourne Marathon in October, with the effervescent buzz of the atmosphere acting as a great way of getting into the zone for similar events. Training holds an obvious importance, but it is the little niggles felt after a run that we really need to be in tune with. The feedback from the runners on the day was niggling knee pain, stiff low back and glutes, and plenty of calf and achilles tightness. Does this sound like you?

Getting to know your body kinaesthetically can be the difference between a good run and a great run, and being on top of this is key in a good training regime. Whether it be to smash out a new PB or just cross the finish line, a running assessment at Pure Physio can make this journey as smooth and injury free as possible, especially as you build you overall mileage towards the marathon.

Now is the time to take action and ensure that these mindless niggles don’t turn into nagging injuries, preventing you from performing at your best. Pop in now to find your stride and ensure that you’re still smiling at the 42km mark!

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