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Remedial Massage For Runners

Published on
30 Jun 2014

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Pushin’ through the pain or peak performance - what’s your plan this running season? Remedial Massage therapist Stephen McNamara will get you back on track.

I’m amazed how often serious runners share their woes, in constant pain with strains and tears though calves and hamstrings, says Pure’s resident Remedial Therapist, Stephen McNamara. I’m also amazed by and how often irregular clients are prompted by a muscle spasm or an untreated condition that’s become chronic and unbearable, largely as a result of ignoring the issue and an almost criminal lack of self care.

Melbourne’s running season is just around the corner, so if you want to ensure your muscles are at their performance best and ready for your big event, book in an hour-long remedial massage. I’ll assess and treat your niggles and sore spots before they become chronic, and have you back on track for a prompt pre-event recovery. You’ll be prancing ‘gazelle – style’ in no time!

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