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The Mother’s Day Classic.

Published on
04 May 2016

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The Mother's Day Classic is all set to take place at multiple locations throughout Australia on Sunday, the 8th of May. What better reason to skip your Sunday sleep-in than to get active while raising funds for such a fantastic cause!

A popular item on the running calendar, the event has raised over $27.4 million in funding towards many projects and initiatives for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Melbourne’s Mother’s Day Classic involves either a 4km or 8km run or walk around the Tan Track. Entries are accepted right up until the morning of the event, so it’s not too late!

A great event, with fantastic benefits.

Fittingly, the NBCF holds a fun run as one of its major fundraisers each year. There are far more benefits than the fundraising too. There are well documented effects of exercise in both preventing cancer and improving prognosis for breast cancer survivors.

The benefits of exercise for breast cancer sufferers include:

  • Cardio vascular exercise reduces the levels of progesterone and estrogen (two hormones involved in breast cancer) in pre-menopausal women at high risk of developing breast malignancies, therefore reducing the risk of breast cancer developing.
  • Exercise is linked to reducing the size and number of breast tumours.
  • Resistance training and cardiovascular exercise is helpful in increasing and maintaining bone mineral density. This is useful in the prevention of fractures and osteoporosis that may occur as a result of hormonal treatment or chemotherapy.
  • Lessen the effects of fatigue.
  • Lowered risk of anxiety and depression.
  • Improved sleep and quality of life.



So keep all of this in mind, sign up, jump out of bed on Sunday the 8th of May, and join in the fun! There’s always the opportunity to then treat yourself to brekky at one of the many amazing cafes within a stone’s throw from the Tan.

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