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Published on
18 Mar 2020

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The current COVID-19 outbreak has restricted people’s everyday routine, which includes being able to get to their physiotherapy appointments. To ensure we can continue to meet the demands of people’s physiotherapy needs Pure Physio is now offering Telehealth (video) appointments.

How can Pure Physio treat me over the phone?

Physiotherapists are trained to use a huge list of “clues” that help us make a diagnosis of your injury – we predominantly use our eyes and ears to do this.

During a Telehealth call we are able to pull together information you tell us about when and where it hurts, what movements hurt and what movements make it feel better to work out what is going on. We then use movement testing which is where we show you certain movements to perform and for you to report back to us on how they feel – this helps confirm your diagnosis.

From years of practise as physiotherapists we have learnt what movements make you feel better depending on your injury, what movements you should avoid and what muscles you should strengthen to prevent this injury happening again.

We can provide you with a diagnosis and a toolbox of strategies to help you on the road to recovery. 

What about hands on treatment?

 When physiotherapists watch you perform a movement their eyes focus in on movement patterns and behaviours – this helps physio’s identify what muscles are too tight or not working optimally. With this knowledge physiotherapists are then able to guide self-release techniques – using spikey balls, tennis balls, foam rollers… we can get creative.  Of course in an ideal world ‘hands on treatment’ would compliment ‘exercise based treatment’……but there is not much ‘ideal’ about our current world!

What do I need to do?

  • Have access to a phone or computer that has the capacity to make video calls.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move during the consultation – ideally shorts and a t-shirt/singlet. Avoid anything too baggy or big as this can interfere with how well we can assess your movement. 
  • Try to have a quiet space/room to ensure you get the most out of your appointment. 3m x 2m or larger is ideal.
  • Have a space and chair set up to rest your phone/computer so you can be ready to go through the assessment as directed by your physiotherapist.
  • If you do have a spikey ball or foam roller keep these nearby. 

In a rapidly changing environment we all need to be agile and adapt. Scheduling a Telehealth appointment with Pure Physio is a great way to continue your physiotherapy treatment without COVID-19 disruption.

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