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We take a proactive approach to your health and well-being. Our Physiotherapists help you alleviate symptoms, understand the contributing factors to your presentation, and treat you as an individual, to achieve your goals and prevent future injury.

Physiotherapists approach your treatment via thorough assessment and diagnosis, enabling them to treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions that affect your movement and quality of life.  Our physiotherapists use advanced techniques, in combination with the latest technology and research, to ensure we provide evidence-based care.

Physiotherapy promotes recovery. It encompasses injury treatment and prevention, occupational health, and patient education, as well as promoting general wellbeing, addressing chronic conditions, and considering the whole person when addressing any one presentation.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy focuses on correcting painful, symptomatic, or abnormal movements or functions. Our physiotherapists look at both the injured area and the areas that biomechanically and functionally contribute to the region of the presenting condition.

Our physiotherapy treatment involves the most appropriate and contemporary hands on techniques, including:

  • mobilisation
  • manipulation
  • soft tissue massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • dry needling
  • muscle energy techniques
  • mobility based facilitation techniques

This approach is coupled closely with guided specific movement-based rehabilitations that retrain, activate, educate and strengthen specific areas of the body as needed.  The most appropriate treatment techniques and rehabilitation program is determined by assessment of your individual symptoms and goals.  The combination of hands on treatment and rehabilitation facilitates recovery and empowers you to achieve your desired outcomes.



Our approach to physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are committed and passionate about honing their craft.  We are continually researching and learning to ensure our skills in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning and implementation align with the most current medical and scientific research.

We are fully committed to each individual patient.  We listen.  Our physiotherapists strive to understand your individual situation, circumstances, motivations and goals.  That is why we offer 60-minute initial appointments, and 30-minute follow up sessions for all patients.  This is longer than industry standards, and allows time for more thorough assessment and diagnosis. We gain an understanding and discuss each patients’ goals and motivations, as well as provide education and treatment within each appointment.

Physiotherapy is more than symptom relief at Pure Physio.  Our services provide a holistic approach to your care.  We address injury, pain, and other symptoms within the context of each individual presentation.  We form a treatment and rehabilitation plan that is tailored to facilitate your recovery.

This approach caters for your goals, motivations, aspirations and lifestyle, while accommodating any of your hesitations or limitations.  We like to work closely with each patient to ensure that we educate you on your presentation; your understanding is key to your recovery.

As part of our holistic method, we have a “two physio approach” to each patient’s treatment.  This comprises two key components of physiotherapy—the manual or “hands on” treatment, and the rehabilitation, or “movement based exercise/retraining”. This teamwork between our expert manual and rehabilitation physiotherapists provides an optimal environment for recovery.

Our manual physiotherapists provide hands-on treatment modalities to address any joint and tissue abnormalities that may be part of your presentation.  This may present as tightness, trigger points (or knots), altered circulation, swelling, stiffness, nerve type symptoms, or muscle spasm and “guarding”.

Our rehabilitation physiotherapists provide movement-based retraining, education, stability, mobility, and strength-based exercises that specifically address your individual presentation and goals.

We work together to develop a management plan that fits your work, lifestyle, hobbies, and family commitments.

Effective physiotherapy can contribute to:

  1. Recovery from injury, by retraining your musculoskeletal system and nerve pathways.
  2. Alleviating pain, tension or symptoms within the body.
  3. Increasing mobility, stability and strength.
  4. Preventing future pain or dysfunction in areas predisposed to injury.
  5. Increased levels of fitness and performance through training of specific sports techniques.

An effective treatment plan is formed following the initial consultation, once all diagnostic information is gathered and a full assessment has been carried out.  Working together with both the manual and rehabilitation physiotherapists, alongside the patient, ensures we can achieve your optimal outcome of recovery and long-term wellbeing.

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Why physiotherapy works

Physiotherapy involves medical, evidence-based diagnosis of pain, injury or other musculoskeletal presentations.

Our highly experienced, trained physiotherapists carry out a thorough assessment of your injury or presentation.  Specific clinical testing and assessment of the injury site, as well as holistic, movement-based assessments—such as running on our treadmill or cycling on our wind trainer—provide a greater level of information to make an accurate diagnosis.

Your diagnosis is provided and discussed during the initial appointment, along with detailed explanations of the symptoms and underlying causes.

Treatment consists of a wide range of specific hands-on techniques and movement-based retraining activities to achieve optimal mobility, stability and strength. Everything is individually tailored based on your presentation, with a view towards your end goals.

We support self-management.  We provide the knowledge, strategies, and exercises required to maintain your health and strength.

At Pure Physio, we have developed our own industry leading Exercise Portal which allows us to provide personalised exercise programs containing images of your exercises along with explanations of correct technique, and how often you should perform each.  These programs are constantly evolving along with your treatment journey, and are designed to provide a user-friendly means of engaging in your path to recovery with minimal hassle.



Common conditions and physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of injuries, conditions, and other musculoskeletal based presentations.  Our treatment plans commonly support recovery from the following general types of presentations:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Sports Injury or Sport specific pain or symptoms
  • Post-surgical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Overuse injuries
  • Neurological symptoms within a musculoskeletal presentation.

At Pure Physio, our physiotherapy team conduct comprehensive clinical assessments to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for you, to help get you back to your best as efficiently as possible and to prevent your problem from recurring in the future.

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