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Emma Martel (Lee)

Manual Physiotherapist

Emma developed a passion for health and helping people early on in life, growing up in a family of Physiotherapists and health professionals. She was inspired by the idea of helping people overcome pain and injury, and assisting them back to the things they love to do in life.

Emma likes to take a holistic approach, valuing the importance of listening to her patients to fully understand their symptoms and treatment goals. Through analysing whole body mechanics, her objective lies not only in treating symptoms but identifying the true origin of the problem and working with her patients to prevent future episodes of pain and injury.

Graduating in Western Australia in 2008, Emma and has spent time working interstate and overseas as a Physiotherapist. She has a special interest in the management of complex and persistent pain presentations, and expertise in the area of women’s health physiotherapy and ante/post natal complaints.

Emma is particularly proficient in the use of dry needling, but enjoys utilising a combination of manual therapy techniques such as acupuncture, myofascial release, joint mobilisation, movement and postural retraining with a strong focus on injury and pain prevention. She has a passion and deep curiosity for learning and understanding the complexity of the human body, keeping up to date with current research in the field and attending regular courses and conferences.

Emma is truly passionate about her work as a physiotherapist and enjoys educating, motivating and empowering her patients to achieve their goals and become healthy, happy and painfree!

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